How Women Wear Sarongs to Show-Off Their Best Features

how women wear sarongsDid you know that there is a summer wardrobe staple that can help you accentuate the positive aspects of your figure while hiding the not-so-attractive ones?  

Before you start thinking this is something that you’ve never heard about before, it is actually a summer garment that is worn all over the world by women from hundreds of different countries. If you travel to beaches in Indonesia, the South Pacific, the Caribbean or the South of France, you will notice how women wear sarongs in a variety of attractive and flattering ways.  The question is – which way is right for you?   

How women wear sarongs on the beach

For the easiest beach cover up, simply grab the edges of the longest part of your sarong, wrap it around your waist and hold in place with a simple square knot, just like you would make if you were tying your shoes.  Some women like to double knot the sarong or double it over before tying it for a shorter and sexier look. 

How women wear sarongs in the evening 

Similar to the skirt method of tying for the beach, an evening sarong may require a few pins to hold it in place, unless showing a lot of leg is your goal.  Women also love to show off a slim waistline by turning the sarong into a sheath dress. This can be accomplished by wrapping it around the body and either tucking it in at the top (for a strapless look) or tying the ends up around the neck like a halter dress.  Both of these looks can be very flattering on any woman.

How women wear sarongs as an accessory

If you just want to add a splash of color to your evening look, then a sarong can be doubled over and worn as a shawl over a coordinating dress. Sarongs with fringe on them look best when worn as a shawl.   

The best way to determine which look will work best for you is to spend time tying the sarong in different ways.  Looking at how women wear sarongs in so many flattering ways, it is no surprise they remain such a popular summer wardrobe piece. An impressive variety of sarongs can be found online at

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